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Trusted by hundreds of clients with over 1,000 international projects. Our reviews speak for themselves.

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This is why over 75% of our clients return with new projects year after year.

+17 years
of experience

Our developers and project managers have seen it all. We can foresee 80% of technical issues which could arise during a project and quickly solve the other 20%. This is why we never miss a deadline.

client support

Communication is key for each project. Our experienced team will thoroughly discuss your needs and propose the most cost-effective solutions. We are more than just your developers. We are your consultants.

100% Transparency.
0% Risk.

All of our clients have full access to our project management software so they always know how each stage of the process is going. We also frequently send project builds and project sketches.

tested apps

Our apps are always tested throughout the development process so that all the possible development errors are eliminated.

Case Studies

Lee Ehler

VP Global Operations at Viihealth



hours of development saved


impact on savings directly to the bottom line

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Lee's feedback

100% approval rate
on AppStore and Play Store.
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6 steps for successful projects

We are aware that you will be more comfortable knowing that the whole project will be managed in one place regardless of its size or complexity. Here is an overview of our project development approach which has been constantly improved in our over 17 years of experience.


Business requirements analysis

Understanding client's needs and objectives


Scoping out

Project's cornerstone (either product backlog or functional specs)


User Interface design

Creative visuals, the app is taking shape



Iterations, intermediate builds, transparent progress



Testing, bug fixing, tweaking



Deployment, warranty, post-launch support.

Over 1,000 projects delivered on time.
90%+ positive feedback

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Alan Haft

Work: Tread n Shred

  • Quality of Code
  • Integrity
  • Architecting skills
  • Flexibility
  • Project Management
  • Handling Ambiguity
  • Business Analysis Skills
  • Budget
  • Language Skills
  • Time
I had a great experience working with the Devodrom Team.

Adrian Salceanu

Work: OLBG Sports Betting Tips

  • Quality of Code
  • Integrity
  • Architecting skills
  • Flexibility
  • Project Management
  • Handling Ambiguity
  • Business Analysis Skills
  • Budget
  • Language Skills
  • Time
The results were great, and we're happy with how the final product turned out.


  • Quality of Code
  • Integrity
  • Architecting skills
  • Flexibility
  • Project Management
  • Handling Ambiguity
  • Business Analysis Skills
  • Budget
  • Language Skills
  • Time
We are absolutely satisfied with their work. They are very professional and their communication is good. I'm quite happy with their patience.
Source: contractiq.com/devodrome-reviews

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About us

Devodrome is the software development arena where our skillfull team fights to develop and deliver projects on time, on budget and on scope. Founded in 1999 in Bucharest, Romania, our company is focused on mobile applications development, web development and graphic design for clients worldwide.

Meet our management team

Victor Costache

Founder & President

+20 yrs. Experience

Starting his career as software developer back in 1994, Victor founded Devodrome 5 years later. He is responsible with leading the commercial operations and establishing the business development strategies. Victor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from "Politehnica" University, Bucharest. His technical background, including IT consultancy for some large projects developed for the Central Authorities, allows him to be permanently connected to the Devodrome projects assuring that the clients get what they were promised.

Dragoș Cimpoiașu

Founder & CTO

+20 yrs. Experience

Having a strong technical background built in over 20 years of code writing, project management and complex IT solutions implementation, Dragos is responsible for overseeing all the technical aspects of the company in order to attain the Devodrome's strategic objectives. Dragos closely works with the project managers and developers in order to identify the best technical solutions for all the Devodrome projects. His vast experience and professionalism is something that the younger developers and project managers can always learn from.

Alina Lupu

Client Relationship Manager

+8 yrs. Experience

Alina’s job is to ensure a streamlined communication process between the Devodrome's talented and hard working developers, designers, project managers and clients. After 8 years of working on this team Alina can testify to the importance of having a strong and clear link when wanting to bring one’s ideas to life. The entire Devodrome team is in this to see quality projects become a reality, projects that the clients can be proud of and that Devodrome will help them shape on their way to the target audience.

Alpár Török

Project Manager

+5 yrs. Experience

After finishing his studies at the Sapientia University of Transylvanian, Alpár started his career as mobile application developer when Google's Android was at it's infancy. Over the years as the mobile world grew, so did Alpár's experience in the field. With this knowledge he started working as a project manager, and after 100+ projects under his belt you can be sure, that your project is in right hands. He is continuously searching and identifying new technologies that could give Devodrome an advantage over the competition.

Headquartered in Eastern Europe
Serving over 500 clients worldwide since 1999